Holding company¡GSoft-World International Corp.
Employee¡G315€H staff
Capitalization¡GNT$629.1 million (US 24,375,000)
  ¡¹The Five Best Features Of Soft-World
1. The first game software company listed on stock market in Taiwan and China territory
2. Largest game software distribution network in Great Chinese market
3. Largest computer game magazines publisher in global Chinese market
4. Largest R&D software production company in global Chinese market PC games
5. The company with highest licensed game product in global Chinese market
  ¡¹Subsidiary Company
Subsidiary company name¡G Chinese Gamer International Corp.
Established¡G Mar, 2000
Employees¡G 208 staff
Capitalization¡G NT$300 million (US$8.6 million)
Business Type¡GOnline game development, online game operation and Marketing
Major Product¡GJin Yong Online, Three Kingdom Online, TS Online, Love Box
Subsidiary company name¡G Game Flier International Corp.
Established¡G May, 2002
Employees¡G150 staff
Capitalization¡GNT$80 million (US$2.3 million)
Business Type¡GOnline game operation, Marketing
Major Product¡GRagnarok Online (RO), Mir II, Star Gate